Among of the most popular events at the Bug Museum are our daily animal feedings at 4:00 PM! The animals we keep are cold blooded which means they do not need to eat as often as warm blooded creatures and most do not eat every day. Many eat three times a week, while our arachnids and snakes eat once a week. We feed a group of animals every day, below is our current feeding schedule, subject to change.

Mondays: Wet and Wild Aquatics! Come see or fish, amphibians, and soft shell turtle chow down on worms, crickets and other treats!

Tuesdays: Leaping Lizards (and a tortoise)! Our lizard collection gets fed a variety of foods, ranging from salads, to crickets, to meat for the big guys! 

Wednesdays: Wet and Wild Aquatics!

Thursdays: Leaping Lizards!

Fridays: Wet and Wild Aquatics!

Saturdays: Snake Snacks and Leaping Lizards! Come see our snakes feast on rodents and the lizards and tortoise eat too! 

Sundays: Tarantula Takeout! See our tarantulas, scorpions, and other predatory arthropods chomp on crickets and cockroaches! NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO TARANTULA FEEDING ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 DUE TO REDUCED STAFF.