We Will Be Closing Early (4:00 PM) on Friday, August 31 

Because of its proximity to the Burning Of Zozobra  event Friday evening, the parking lot at DeVargas Center becomes jammed and it difficult to get in or out of the area and we and many other DeVargas businesses will be closing at 4. We will be open normal hours (10:00-6:00) Saturday September 1st

We will be open until 5:00 Labor Day (Monday, Sept 3rd)

Among of the most popular events at the Bug Museum are our daily animal feedings at 4:00 PM! The animals we keep are cold blooded which means they do not need to eat as often as warm blooded creatures and most do not eat every day. Many eat three times a week, while our arachnids and snakes eat once a week. We feed a group of animals every day.