We will be closed from Monday, April 23rd through Thursday, April 26

We will reopen at our new location on Friday, April 27th! We are moving two doors down inside the DeVargas Center into the old Hasting's space which we will be sharing with the Travelers  Market. We are open regular hours at or current location through Sunday, April 22.

The new space will be more than TWICE the size of our current space! Oliver Greer will have an additional 1,500 insects on display, and we will adding new live animal exhibits as well as expanding the displays of our existing animals.  Details to come!

The Harrell House Bug Museum is a unique, family friendly experience located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hooray for Crawlywood!Hooray for Crawlywood!

Our current exhibits include the astounding Crawlywood Collection, Oliver Greer's collection of 2.400 mounted insects from around the world which boasts some of the largest and rarest insect and arachnid specimens you will see ANYWHERE!

Enough critters to give the squeamish a case of the willies... Enough critters to give the squeamish a case of the willies... We also have a collection of over 150 LIVE animals including insects, spiders, scorpions, millipedes and more, as well as reptiles, amphibians and fish! You even get to TOUCH or even HOLD a few of our friendly LIVE bugs!

At 4:00 every day we feed some of our live animals! Be sure to check the feeding schedule to see what we feeding today!